“Thank you for unbelievable, food, service, friendship, creativity, and support during our special day.”
–Jake & Alia

“You did great job and are one of the few great ones in the industry.”
–Sarah Wells

“You are part of the family & we will always be grateful.”
–Jamie & Eric

“Thank you so much for everything you did to make the dinner with Barack Obama a huge success.”
–The Barack Campaign

“Kate, you are amazing and deserve all the success & hapiness that life may bring.”
–Peicha & Mark

“Kate is always cheerful, always efficient, Kate also was extremely responsive to e-mails or phone calls we sent her way, and she provided a voice of reason in the midst of our pre-wedding stress.”
–Dan and Kelly

“Your wait staff went above and beyond…They ROCK!”
–DCCC Staff

“Chef Chris Thompson rules the kitchen!”
–Mike and Jenn

“The staff did a great job remembering EVERYTHING!”
–Chris and Kerri

“Kate thank you a million times for being totally amazing!”
–Kim and Ben

“During the planning, you were organized, accessible, and warm. Which helped us to be more relaxed.”
–Benjamin and Melissa

“May your many kindnesses come back to you a thousandfold.”
–Tori and Brian

“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”
–Jeannie Lavine

“Words cannot express our gratitude for all of your hard work, humor and dedication.”
–Nhi-Hah and Jeff

“You went so far out of your way to make us feel special.”
–Cat and Eric

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